Short presentation of the GPSE

Electricity is so linked to human activities that we all forget its nature and the numerous technologies that are used to make using it so simple and so mechanical. But, as beneficial as it is, electricity requires usual precautions to avert its danger.

The GPSE (Permanent Group for Electric Security in Agricultural Activities) is a French non-profit organization founded by several institutions : Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy, APCA (French Federation of Chambers of Agriculture, RTE (French national electrical transmission society), ERDF (French operator of the electricity distribution system). Its goal is to investigate and to inform farmers about unwanted effects of electric effects and some dispositions that can be taken to prevent them.

Unwanted electric phenomenons can cause animal health troubles. That’s why, when an animal pathology or an abnormal behavior appears in a farm, the GPSE can provide a veterinarian and an electric diagnostic wich allow an identification of risk factors, depending on the nature of the recorded disorders.

This website will present you all information about the missions of GPSE as well as precisions about the nature of electricity and the different physical quantifies linked to it. It also details unwanted electric phenomena, their possible effects on animals and sensitivity and disturbance thresholds.